“Helping your dog safely navigate the urban environment.”

Located in Buffalo, NY, Common Ground Dog Walking was started in 2010, by me, Dianne Gilleece.  After 2 years of volunteering and working at dog training facilities and shelters, I observed many clients frustrated with not having the time to walk their (very bored) dogs, and/or dreading their very stressful walks with their overly aroused (and also stressed) dogs.  I decided to start a dog walking business that gave people the option to learn crucial skills to help themselves and their dogs go on walks that were less antagonistic, more enjoyable, and which strengthened their human/dog relationship.

Serving neighborhoods within the City of Buffalo, NY, I offer walking and/or running, day training focusing on a polite walking experience, training for mildly reactive/fearful on-leash dogs, and special rate packages for high-volume clients.

My methods are non-aversive, meaning that I do not shock, pinch, or yank my way into your dog’s life.  The focus is on strengthening relationships between dog and human, finding Common Ground between the two species.  This is done mainly through positive reinforcement training, which I am happy to share!

A basic history so far: I graduated with honors from Animal Behavior College in 2010, worked and taught classes at Purrfect Paws Animal Behavior Center from 2009-2011, have assisted and teach classes at Canine Sports Complex since 2009, volunteered and fostered dogs for the Erie County SPCA since 2009, have been a full member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers since 2010, and am currently working toward certification (CPDT-KA).  I strive to further my education and keep abreast of research, and enjoy passing it all on to interested clients!


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